Growth Chart - Organised Confusion


* GROWING UP WITH STYLE * The brightly coloured, and randomly textured (throughout the black shapes only) geometric shapes and patterns will fit in perfectly into the modern kids bedroom. These stylish height charts are the perfect way to keep track of every little growth spurt! And of course, fantastic wall art for kids.

Unlike other growth charts which are often aimed at very young children, our bright contemporary designs mean your child will enjoy them for many years.

Two measurement scales - centimeters & inches. Record how tall you have grown, right up to 150cm or 59”. It sits above the floor because you don't tend to measure children until they're standing, or around One years of age. So when tacking or pinning the chart to the wall, first measure 60cm or 23" from the floor and match that with the first measurement, 60cm / 23", on the growth chart.

The actual height chart measures 290mm x 1000mm (11.5" x 39"). Printed on a 300gsm glossy stock (not too glossy though that you can't write on it perfectly!). Comes packaged in a sturdy white tube and shipped within a bag.

The lightweight and rollable chart make it a fantastic gift idea and great keepsake for years to come.

*Unfortunately NZ Post has increased its shipping costs considerably for post out of NZ, due to Covid-19 - apologies as our shipping prices have had to increase dramatically!